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Choose your week(s)

Weekly bookings of the holiday cottages commence on Saturdays at 3pm. You will need to check out by 10am on Saturday morning when you leave. We do not do short breaks or long weekends. Click here to check availability for both Sandham and The Haven.


Confirm your booking

We always advise that even after you have checked availability on this website, please call me (Lynn Gregory) on 01670 787392, or e-mail confirm availability for your preferred week(s).



Complete the Booking Form

Click here to download our Booking form. Print this out, complete it and post it to us with your deposit cheque. We'll need to receive this within seven days of your order being placed to reserve the cottage. 

Signing the Booking Form means you have accepted our Terms & Conditions. These can be downloaded here




In addition to the rent we charge a refundable 'Good Housekeeping' fee of £100 which is payable with your final payment.The cheque will not be banked and we will destroy the cheque at the end of your holiday provided all the booking conditions have been met. 

You will be liable for any costs resulting from damage, extra cleaning or disregard of the booking conditions. You will be billed if the costs exceed the value of the 'Good Housekeeping' cheque.



Bring your dogs

We make a charge of £35 if you have one dog, or £55 if you bring two with you to stay. The Haven: A maximum of two dogs Sandham: A Maximum of one dog


the-haven-popDue to a cancellation
The Haven
is now available on the following dates:
Saturday June 25th for 7 nights
Please get in touch if you’re interested in booking