Welcome to the mystical, magical universe of Lilidorei, where enchantment meets imagination in the world's largest and most extraordinary play structure. This unique playground, known for its breathtaking design and immersive experience, introduces visitors to a realm of wonder and adventure unlike anything seen before.

Lilidorei is an elaborate network of linked bridges and gangways connecting the 10 towers that compose Lord Elfwin's grand castle - Elfwin Drin. As the ruler of the 9 magical clans residing in Lilidorei, Lord Elfwin's castle is a sight to behold and an intriguing adventure for all ages. Tube slides, longer and taller than ever seen before, wind through the castle, and a 24-meter-tall central tower challenges even the bravest of souls. Lilidorei caters to all ages and abilities, offering different levels and a wide variety of play features.

Designed to promote creativity and encourage exploration, Lilidorei transforms the landscape with big Christmas trees, red festive hats, fun mushrooms, and more. The immersive and adventurous scene provides a playground for discovery, and it's all thanks to the the vision of Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy.

The Duchess has been the driving force behind Lilidorei, having nurtured the idea in her imagination for 12 years. In close collaboration with MONSTRUM, the vision has come to life, culminating in the design, construction, and installation of the Elfwin Drin castle. This collaboration has created a Christmas-themed haven all year round, bringing joy and excitement to the hearts of those who explore Lilidorei.

With the mission of encouraging outdoor play and getting kids away from electronic devices, the Lilidorei experience is designed to be completely immersive, engaging all the senses and capturing the imagination. Lights, sounds, and interactive play elements transport children into the land of the 9 magical clans, creating a world where electronic distractions fade away.

Explore the house of the goblins or witness the enchanted fairy dwellings – Lilidorei promises thrills and enchantment for every child who ventures into this extravagant play universe. The Duchess of Northumberland's vision has truly come to life in Lilidorei, offering a unique and unforgettable experience for all who enter.

Pronounced Lil-ee-door-ee, Lilidorei is a magical kingdom ruled by Lord Elfwin from his towering castle, Elfwin Drin. Home to nine clans, some friendly and others less so, Lilidorei is a realm where Christmas is worshipped by mystical creatures unseen by humans. Fear not, for the team of Secret Keepers holds the key to these creatures' secrets, offering clues and assistance in creating your own story within the enchanting realm of Lilidorei.

The Lilidorei environment encourages both imaginary and physical play, with an immersive soundscape providing glimpses into the lives of the mystical creatures. Though unseen, their presence is felt, creating an atmosphere of magic and wonder.

Cragside & Wallington Hall 

The two stunning National Trust properties are close by enter the world of Lord Armstrong - Victorian inventor, innovator and landscape genius at Cragside and explore Wallington’s grounds and house, home of the Trevelya

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